Automated Distribution Quality Testing with Open QA


"Automating QA  for beginners with Open QA"

A talk about Open QA - Suse's automated Quality Ensurance Tool. It has been developed to improve Suse's installation process, but has developed into a feature-rich tool to test both ISO Images of distributions, CLI functions  and desktop software.

The presentation will show

a) background and features of Open QA, including the integration with Open Build service and other developer tools and some scripting magic.

b) include a live demo with at least one suse distribution, probably also with one non-suse-distro (Fedora or Ubuntu).

c) give a brief outlook on "cool things that the developers are working on" (not a roadmap, more like "work in progress".

Open QA has a management Interface and a Web UI that returns error (or success) statistics of the massive amount of tests run and is very easy to install. My Live Demo will show the install and a first Distribution test including the explanation of the results in the Web UI for anybody interested in doing so - Having been an Open QA beginner myself, I will follow the Sysadmin's perspective during the live demo.

Century AB
Thursday, February 19, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00