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Jeremy White

Jeremy White Jeremy White is the Founder and CEO of CodeWeavers, Inc. Prior to founding CodeWeavers, Jeremy was a founder and CTO of Holten, White and Associates, a Minneapolis based computer consulting firm. Jeremy first worked with Slackware Linux in the early 1990's, and quickly became enamoured of the Free Software movement.

One day, while looking for an Atari 2600 emulator, Jeremy stumbled across the Wine project, and was captivated by both the challenge and promise of Wine. This eventually led to the reorganization of CodeWeavers around the Wine project, and brings us to where we are today.

Jeremy graduated from Carleton College, in Northfield, Minnesota with a BA in Physics. Jeremy is active in a number of Linux and community groups, but spends the bulk of his free time playing with his two children.

Jeremy White's topic is "The Latest Development in Wine".

Is the Wine ready yet?

Jeremy White will provide an overview of the Wine project. This will include a brief technical introduction, an overview of what Wine has accomplished, and what lies ahead for Wine.

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