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John Terpstra

John is CEO/President with PrimaStasys, Inc. A company that mentors Information Technology companies and facilitates profitable change in practices. John has worked with The SCO Group (previously Caldera Inc.) initially as VP Technology and most recently as Evangelist. He helped TurboLinux launch back into the USA market place as VP Development and later as VP Community Relations.

John is a well known contributor and visionary in the open source community with a very active commercial focus. He is co-founder of the Samba-Team, a member of the Open Source Software Institute Advisory Board, he is active with the Linux Standards Base, the Free Standards Group, and has served as a steering committee member of the Li18nux (now OpenI18N).

John is an author and co-editor of "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide" that will be available for signing by the author at this event. He is a highly accredited, assertive presenter with excellent ability to influence and excite others with profitable new ideas.

John Terpstra's talk are:

  • Samba-3: Integration and Migration Options
  • FLOSS: No Roadblocks Ahead

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