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Ray Steding

Ray Steding Ray Steding is the founder of the Linux Public Broadcasting Network. A network engineer since 1989, he is currently an independent systems integrator within the greater Los Angeles area.

Ray's abstract:

From Open Source To The Arts

Presented by the Linux Public Broadcasting Network

In the spirit of the open source movement, LPBN has brought together representatives from three innovative independent media organizations and a computer technology training project. Questions of providing public access via alternative and conventional media distribution systems will be explored. Presentations bind the technical, activist, and creative aspects spontaneously arising from the open source environment of Linux. Included will be a presentation by Raymond Steding of LPBN.ORG on the process of releasing original works under creative commons licensing and then how to make efficient use of each of these organization's media distribution systems.

Presentation by LPBN:

"To weave the spirit of open source throughout the social fabric."

The Linux Public Broadcasting Network, a 501c3, streams video and audio content for the public good...for free! Political events, government forums, Linux user group meetings, internet radio stations, technical demos and tutorials, bands, Wireless user groups meetings, medical educational videos, talk shows, music, community groups, artists, and just about any hobby or non-profit may be represented and distributed over LPBN.ORG.


Tao Ruspoli, Founder LAFCO

Tao Ruspoli is a 27 year old Italian-American filmmaker. He was born in Thailand and raised in Rome and Los Angeles. He received his bachelor's degree in philosophy from UC Berkeley and began his film education working for production designer Dean Tavoularis and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

The Los Angeles Filmmakers' Co-op is a radical experiment in nomadic and communal creativity. Our mission is to encourage pioneering in digital media by sharing our resources with the community around us.

Dave Adelson, Founder, the LA Sound Posse and contributing member of the Radio Project

Karen Wade: Founder, FSS-Project T.E.C.H. Community Technology Center

Project FSS-TECH trains, young adults and kids, computer technologies. Karen's organization has offices at the Tom Bradley Youth and Family Center and the South Seas House Community Center. Karen and her husband Ben Wade manage a wireless neighborhood area network from their home in the Mid-City LA area.

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