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Robin Rowe

Robin Rowe Robin Rowe is the founder of the Linux Movies Group ( and the project leader of CinePaint ( He has written about Linux motion picture technology for Linux Journal, Computer Graphics World, and Millimeter. He is a founding partner in MovieEditor (, a technology company providing R&D to the motion picture industry.

Robin Rowe's talk is: "Linux Movies and CinePaint"

Linux technology dominates the servers and desktops of animation and special effects motion picture production. Most of the blockbuster movies you see in theaters today were produced using Linux. How did an operating system designed as a hobby by a college student become number one in Hollywood? How is Linux used for production at studios such as DreamWorks, ILM, and Disney?

Despite running on open source Linux, most of the software tools used in Hollywood are proprietary or even secret. There is an exception. CinePaint is an open source frame-by-frame paint/retouching program with features similar to GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. What makes CinePaint special is support for deep paint (that is, images with greater color depth than 8 bits per channel), a flipbook movie player, and the ability to handle motion picture file formats such as Cineon, OpenEXR, and 32-bit TIFF.

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