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Jim McQuillan

Jim has been developing solutions for customers, utilizing Unix and networking since 1984 and has been involved with Linux since 1995. Jim has functioned as a Chief Technologist for more than 17 years and is responsible for the successful deployment of health care systems throughout the North Eastern United States. Additionally, Jim is the founder and project leader of the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), a free software project which has received world wide recognition as the standard method of deploying thin clients in a GNU/Linux environment.

Jim's presentation centers around the Linux Terminal Server Project:

The Linux Terminal Server Project ( is an open source project whose focus is to provide everything you need to run thin client computers in a GNU/Linux environment.

The LTSP has been deployed in hundreds of thousands of locations throughout the world, in homes, small offices, large offices, schools, universities, libraries, government agencies, cyber cafes and more.

The LTSP is an excellent way to deploy large numbers of workstations very inexpensively. By eliminating the moving parts from a workstation, the reliability is greatly increased. Also, there are huge cost savings, both in terms of initial cost of deployment and total cost of ownership (TCO).

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