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Chris DiBona

Chris DiBona Chris DiBona has been out front and outspoken about the Open Source movement. He was hooked from the moment he installed Linux on an old PC when he was a teenager.

As DiBona's career as a developer progressed, with stints in information management at the U.S. State Department and in computer security with Tandem Computers, so did Linux. DiBona eventually joined VA Linux as a marketing executive. He became a spokesman for Open Source and wrote a book about it: Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, (O'Reilly and Associates, 1999). He was also instrumental in creating the Open Source Development Network (OSDN). Chris is also well known for being an editor on and for doing the Linux segments on TechTV's "The Screen Savers".

In addition to his work at VA Linux, Chris made many contributions to the community. He was the vice president of the Silicon Valley LUG and a co-organizer of Windows Refund Day. He has also worked for Linux International as webmaster and grant chair.

DiBona recently left VA Linux to co-found a gaming development company, Damage Studios, which is using Open Source in the development of a next-generation massively multiplayer game called Rekonstruction. He remains a strong advocate of the Open Source movement and its future.

Chris DiBona's presentation is titled "Open Source: The IP Canary in the IT Coal Mine"

In his talk "Open Source, IP Canary in the IT Coalmine" , Mr. DiBona will discuss the way that Free and Open Source Software has and will continue to butt heads with Trademark, Trade Secret, Copyright and Patent laws, and why that's not such a bad thing.

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