Bad Voltage Live and The Spazmatics

People of SCALE, have I got some rocking news for you.

For the last few years the Bad Voltage team (a podcast all about technology, open source, Linux, and anything else we think is fun), have delivered a live show at SCALE. This has always been a great time, but this year, well, it is time to turn up the volume with an incredible party sponsored by our friends at Ticketmaster and Linode.

On Friday 3rd March 2017 the main evening entertainment for SCALE will be an awesome party at Castle Green featuring the Bad Voltage team delivering our most fun, informative, and surprising show yet. The show will then be followed by an incredible geek-themed 80s cover band called The Spazmatics.

Doors will open at 6pm where food and drinks (both booze and non-alcoholic drinks) will be served. Please make sure you bring your SCALE badge to get in!

The Bad Voltage show will start at 8pm. Be sure to get there early: there is limited audience space for the show, and we are expecting it to be packed. There will be a whole host of prizes, including Ticketmaster Gift Cards, and of course, an entertaining, open source themed, audience-participation packed show you won’t want to miss.

After the Bad Voltage show, 80s nerd rockers, The Spazmatics, will go on stage to deliver your favorite songs and a dance floor ready to bust some moves on. It will be a great way to round out the night.

This is going to be an incredible evening, packed with great entertainment, great friends, and great times, all part of a great conference! Thanks to our friends at Ticketmaster and Linode for helping to make this all happen, and of course to SCALE for being the always phenomenal hosts they are!