Ross Turk
Open Source Business for Hackers
SourceForge, Inc.
Director of Community

Ross Turk has been with the OSTG family since 2000, and has served in multiple capacities during his tenure. Previously, as Engineering Manager for, he spearheaded efforts to improve to the world's largest destination for open source, including the new Software Map and Search and major navigation and aesthetic overhauls.

In his current role, Ross is responsible for communicating with the community and responding to their needs. During his twelve-year career, he has focused on assessing and optimizing the business and engineering processes of a wide variety of engineering organizations, always with a passion for Open Source methodologies.


The current market is ready for aggressive open source promotion and adoption, but some of us are more comfortable coding projects than commercializing them. How do you make money for your efforts (and enable members of your community to do the same), market your software to the people who care, understand services marketplaces and affiliates and harmonize all of that with the unique ideological needs of your communities?


In this talk, Ross Turk, Director of Community at SourceForge, will talk about these issues and more, as he discusses what every coder needs to know about the business behind open source.