StarNet Communications - Basic Sponsor
Booth: #52

StarNet Communications has been a leading provider to X server emulation solutions for Windows PCs connecting At Linux and Unix hosts. At this year's event, StarNet will show two revolutionary new products: X-Win32-Flash and X-POD.

X-Win32 Flash is the first PC X server that runs from a USB flash drive, allowing users to plug the drive into any Windows computer and run their sessions on the remote Unix or Linux host. Nothing is installed on the local Windows PC and nothing is left when the USB device is removed.

X-POD is a USB device that contains Recon-X. Recon-X allows users to suspend and resume their PC X server sessions (or reconnect to them after a crash). Suspended sessions continue to run on the Linux host while the PC is turned off or when the X-POD is moved to another PC. X-POD is also the first true X11 PC X server to offer LAN-like performance when connecting to the Linux host over an Internet connection.

StarNet will distribute evaluation copies X-Win32 Flash and X-POD to visitors at the StarNet booth.

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