Don't be a barbarian: Communicating with less technical people


When the Ancient Greeks listened to people from foreign lands, all they heard was, "Bar bar bar bar bar." This led to the words "barbaros" and "barbarians": the people who do not speak your language.

When we in technology communicate with people who are less technical than we are, we also can sound a lot like "Bar bar bar bar bar." We're speaking a foreign language, but thankfully we also know the language of the natives. All we need to do is remember when and how to use it.

This talk will give you those when and how reminders, including:

  • Your audience isn't technical, but they ARE intelligent
  • What is jargon and when is it good to use?
  • Not everyone likes alphabet soup
  • Breaking it down without talking down
  • Ask, don't assume knowledge

By the end of this talk the audience will have a better awareness of the most common issues less technical people face when speaking with us will be equipped to start evolving their communication style to be more understandable to more people.

Room 103
Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 15:00 to 16:00