Application Automation with Habitat


This is a brief overview of how to package and run applications with Habitat. At the end of this session attendees will understand Habitat’s packaging technology, how to package an existing application with Habitat, the benefits of the Habitat studio, how the Habitat supervisor works to provides application focused automation, and how to run applications using Habitat.

We’ll break into small, self-selected working groups to take an application or service of your choice and habitize it. If your laptop already has a working Habitat and Docker setup, awesome! If not,no problem -- we’ll have a breakout group to get you going.

Attendees should bring a wifi-enabled laptop to the workshop. The laptop should have SSH/SCP (OpenSSH, puTTY/WinSCP, or equivalent) and the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (RDP). Most Windows laptops come with RDP pre-installed.

Room 212
Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 13:30 to 16:00