10 Years of Xubuntu


The community that creates the Xubuntu flavor of Ubuntu is completely volunteer-run, but leverages the work of and collaborates with the broader Ubuntu community. This talk walks you through the creation of the Xubuntu project in 2006, duties and roles that have been filled by volunteers throughout the years and how this volunteer-run project has managed to consistently produce a popular, high-quality flavor of Ubuntu every six months for over 10 years.


Key points include:


* Commitment to a formal Strategy Document for a shared mission and defined project goals

* Development of a customized theme through the related Shimmer project, http://shimmerproject.org/

* Engagement with the user community through support and social media

* How the default applications shipped with Xubuntu have changed over the years

* Collaboration with and challenges around keeping up with changes made by the Ubuntu team

This talk will also discuss how the majority of core project members contribute to non-development tasks, with the team putting a high level of value on documentation, quality assurance, artwork and relationship with the Debian project.

Ballroom B
Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 15:00 to 16:00