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Bill Hilf

Bill Hilf Bill Hilf is a Senior I/T Architect and the World-Wide Linux technical leader for IBM's Small and Medium Business unit. Bill has been involved with Open Source technologies as a developer, architect, and evangelist for over seven years.

Prior to joining IBM, Bill has worked as the Sr. Director of Engineering for eToys, and as an architect for CNET's sites, such as

Bill received his Masters degree from Chapman University and serves as an advisory board member and instructor for the California State University, Fullerton Unix and Linux educational programs.

Bill Hilf will be delivering a speech on "IBM Linux Strategy - How IBM is contributing, investing, selling, using, and propelling Linux today. How IBM is using Linux in small-to-medium size enterprises."

Bill Hilf's talk on "IBM and Linux" will include an overview of Linux momentum in the marketplace, Total Cost of Ownership, and IBM's commitment to Linux. This latter section, "Linux@IBM" will discuss how IBM is investing and using Linux today, as well as the contributions and interaction IBM has made and continues with Linux and the Open Source community. Bill will also discuss how IBM's customers are deploying Linux today, including descriptions of customer references and solutions.

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