Updates on Amateur Radio at SCALE 14x

Boy do we have a treat in store this year. SCALE's teaming with the local amateur radio (aka HAM) community to bring you a host of amateur radio based activities. We will have a HAM radio booth, which will show case neat equipment, and demos, including one using the ham digital or MESH network. The goal is to stream video from the show floor over a MESH network - that means not going over wifi or the wired lines on the show floor.

We'll also have a special event call sign - N6S, that you can use during the whole event. And if that's not cool enough, we'll also have cool QSL cards that you can send to anyone you made contact with at SCALE.

To those of you that took the test, and have a license to operate, and don't know how to get started, this would be a perfect place to ask questions because there will be a lot of Elmers (amateur radio mentors) in the house. And to those of you that turn green with envy because they can't operate as they don't have a license, we have you covered as well. On Sunday, we are administering HAM exams. This is also the perfect time to get an upgrade from a Technician or a General class, so come prepared!