SCALE 14x Call for Papers opens June 10

Get those presentations ready: The SCALE 14x Call for Papers opens on June 10 and runs through midnight on Oct. 30, 2015.

For more information, or to submit a talk, visit

Like in years past, SCALE 14X will have the following specialized tracks: 


  •  Developer - This track coves a broad range of topics related to kernel, file system, and application development.
  •  Hot Open Source Projects - This highlights popular Open Source projects started in the last year or two. 
  •  Cloud - This caters to to topics related to various Open Source Cloud related projects including but not limited to Openstack, Nebula, OVS, etc.
  •  Container and Virtualization - This track caters to Open Source virtualization including containers.
  •  Next Generation - This gives the Free and Open Source community youth leaders of tomorrow and users of today, the opportunity to spotlight their talents and ideas. This track is open to potential speakers aged 18 years and under.
  •  Newbie Speaker - To promote first time speakers, we have specifically added a new track to provide a forum for exposure and gain feedback from a large diverse audience. 
  •  Legal and Licensing - This track aims at educating and creating awareness on Open Source licensing and associated legal issues to be aware off when adopting or contributing to Open Source.  
  •  Mentoring - This track presents an opportunity for community leaders and experts from a variety of projects to share the knowledge and experiences they have gained from their respective projects.
  •  Security - New to SCALE this year, this track covers all topics related to Open Source and security

In addition, we will have general tracks covering a wide range of topics related to Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) and open hardware. We invite you to share your work on FOSS programs and open hardware projects with the rest of the community, as well as exchange ideas with some leading experts in these fields.